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Local organic raw food

It seems organic raw foods are going mainstream. You can now go to your local grocery store and purchase from a nice selection of organic fruits and vegetables however how do we know where these foods have come from? This may or may not be a problem but I feel most of us would prefer to know where the food was farmed and if its locally grown. This is another reason why we enjoy our community

The arrival of Spring, and the rising popularity of eating raw organic whole foods has sprouted a rise in local food markets. Local farmers will be selling their fruits and vegetables right at the stands. When you stop and talk with each farmer they will tell you exactly where and how they produce this wonderful food. Now their produce may not have the “organic” seal but when talking to them we have learned in most cases that its grown the same but they don’t go through the additional expense and process of being certified organic. I personally think this is the best food you can buy. It cost less, is greener and supports your community.

So this weekend visit your local farmers market for in-season fresh organic foods and let us know what you think.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Bad Beat on Hunger.

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