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Local organic raw food

It seems organic raw foods are going mainstream. You can now go to your local grocery store and purchase from a nice selection of organic fruits and vegetables however how do we know where these foods have come from? This may or may not be a problem but I feel most of us would prefer to know where the food was farmed and if its locally grown. This is another reason why we enjoy our community

The arrival of Spring, and the rising popularity of eating raw organic whole foods has sprouted a rise in local food markets. Local farmers will be selling their fruits and vegetables right at the stands. When you stop and talk with each farmer they will tell you exactly where and how they produce this wonderful food. Now their produce may not have the “organic” seal but when talking to them we have learned in most cases that its grown the same but they don’t go through the additional expense and process of being certified organic. I personally think this is the best food you can buy. It cost less, is greener and supports your community.

So this weekend visit your local farmers market for in-season fresh organic foods and let us know what you think.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Bad Beat on Hunger.

Benefits of Raw Organic Superfoods

Raw Organic Superfoods

Superfoods or Convenience?
I’ll Take Both

We are noticing a trend where many of us with our busy schedules tend to eat on the go. And do we know what ingredients are really in these fast foods? And worse, what is this fast food doing to our mind and body? Most of us know the answers and we can see and feel it’s effect on our body.

It is so much easier to drive through a window at McDonald’s instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy whole food meal. We are eating but not real food. Most of us and especially our children are eating more processed food then ever before (Man made-not nature made). We all know its better to eat healthy but we don’t. So why do we eat processed foods that we know are not good for us? The answer is simple, we do this for convenience. Its takes more time to create a healthy dish that tastes good and is full of the nutrients our body needs. Its seems so much easier to simply toss frozen chicken nuggets into the oven or throw on some mac and cheese while we snack on potato chips instead of taking the time to prepare a whole food, highly nutritious meal.

Our partner and supporter of Bad Beat on Hunger, ForeverGreen International is a well established leader in whole foods, they distribute in over 30 countries and are publicly traded. And best of all, they have created a solution for us. Through their initiative Restoration 90 the Heart & Soul and Raw Promise programs where developed to help all of us. They have done a terrific job of bringing on the best raw food chefs to help create simple, great tasting recipes and foods that are all natural and easy to enjoy.

So why eat natural whole foods? What are some of the benefits of eating Raw Organic or Clean superfoods? Instead of going through all of the breakthrough research please take a few minutes and read what many everyday people are saying including my good friend Keith. He writes:

“Day 37 of my Raw Promise. It’s been simple to follow and I have fallen in love with the lifestyle of raw foods. I feel amazing, have lost an inch on the waist, a few pounds and sleeping like an angel. The deep, uninterrupted sleep and mental clarity is probably the most noticeable impact. LOVE it!!”

Keith O.

Read what others are saying about their personal experience here RawPromiseTestimonials 

Raw Organic Whole Foods You can learn more about restoring your body and the Raw Promise Here.




Healthy Lifestyle Pays off with Longer Life Expectancy


Increase Life Expectancy

Healthy Lifestyle equals longer life expectancy

Looking to increase your life expectancy?  A study conducted by the University of Washington shows there is a widening gap  in mortality rates among different economic areas.  The study compared two adjacent counties in Florida. St. Johns, affluent and active and Putnam county where the average income and housing is half the value. As the Washington Post article points out, the affluent county has miles of sandy beaches, abundant tennis courts and a extensive network of hiking and biking trails.

The understanding is that the more affluent area on average is also better educated, residents smoke less, are more active and will follow a healthier diet of plentiful whole foods. Access to medical care does not seem to effect the outcome of the studies which demonstrates to us that an environment that promotes active lifestyles combined with healthy whole foods instead of low cost processed foods will help you live longer.

This should be common sense and many people are aware of the benefits of eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. The problem is that few people follow what they know they should be doing. Busy lives tend to get in the way and this especially effects children and young adults.

How many people do you know who will go shopping on a Sunday and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables with the intent to eat healthier only to find those same fresh foods sitting idle, going bad days later? This is not because of intent but rather a lack of convenience in our busy daily lives.

Now what if healthy raw, organic and/or clean foods are made readily available and convenient to eat?

And what if communities of all economic levels would invest more in safe sidewalks, as well as walking and biking trails and community venues like swimming pools, volleyball and tennis courts? How much would the health of our nation improve?

BadBeatonHunger.org is an initiative to bring healthy raw, organic and/or clean food to children and families in need. Working together in local communities across the country.

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