Benefits of Raw Organic Superfoods

Raw Organic Superfoods

Superfoods or Convenience?
I’ll Take Both

We are noticing a trend where many of us with our busy schedules tend to eat on the go. And do we know what ingredients are really in these fast foods? And worse, what is this fast food doing to our mind and body? Most of us know the answers and we can see and feel it’s effect on our body.

It is so much easier to drive through a window at McDonald’s instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy whole food meal. We are eating but not real food. Most of us and especially our children are eating more processed food then ever before (Man made-not nature made). We all know its better to eat healthy but we don’t. So why do we eat processed foods that we know are not good for us? The answer is simple, we do this for convenience. Its takes more time to create a healthy dish that tastes good and is full of the nutrients our body needs. Its seems so much easier to simply toss frozen chicken nuggets into the oven or throw on some mac and cheese while we snack on potato chips instead of taking the time to prepare a whole food, highly nutritious meal.

Our partner and supporter of Bad Beat on Hunger, ForeverGreen International is a well established leader in whole foods, they distribute in over 30 countries and are publicly traded. And best of all, they have created a solution for us. Through their initiative Restoration 90 the Heart & Soul and Raw Promise programs where developed to help all of us. They have done a terrific job of bringing on the best raw food chefs to help create simple, great tasting recipes and foods that are all natural and easy to enjoy.

So why eat natural whole foods? What are some of the benefits of eating Raw Organic or Clean superfoods? Instead of going through all of the breakthrough research please take a few minutes and read what many everyday people are saying including my good friend Keith. He writes:

“Day 37 of my Raw Promise. It’s been simple to follow and I have fallen in love with the lifestyle of raw foods. I feel amazing, have lost an inch on the waist, a few pounds and sleeping like an angel. The deep, uninterrupted sleep and mental clarity is probably the most noticeable impact. LOVE it!!”

Keith O.

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