Healthy Lifestyle Pays off with Longer Life Expectancy


Increase Life Expectancy

Healthy Lifestyle equals longer life expectancy

Looking to increase your life expectancy?  A study conducted by the University of Washington shows there is a widening gap  in mortality rates among different economic areas.  The study compared two adjacent counties in Florida. St. Johns, affluent and active and Putnam county where the average income and housing is half the value. As the Washington Post article points out, the affluent county has miles of sandy beaches, abundant tennis courts and a extensive network of hiking and biking trails.

The understanding is that the more affluent area on average is also better educated, residents smoke less, are more active and will follow a healthier diet of plentiful whole foods. Access to medical care does not seem to effect the outcome of the studies which demonstrates to us that an environment that promotes active lifestyles combined with healthy whole foods instead of low cost processed foods will help you live longer.

This should be common sense and many people are aware of the benefits of eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. The problem is that few people follow what they know they should be doing. Busy lives tend to get in the way and this especially effects children and young adults.

How many people do you know who will go shopping on a Sunday and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables with the intent to eat healthier only to find those same fresh foods sitting idle, going bad days later? This is not because of intent but rather a lack of convenience in our busy daily lives.

Now what if healthy raw, organic and/or clean foods are made readily available and convenient to eat?

And what if communities of all economic levels would invest more in safe sidewalks, as well as walking and biking trails and community venues like swimming pools, volleyball and tennis courts? How much would the health of our nation improve? is an initiative to bring healthy raw, organic and/or clean food to children and families in need. Working together in local communities across the country.

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